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AGoddess Hair Ministry

Inside of My Salon Suites

9824 W. Northern Ave.

Building 1800 - Suite 100

Peoria AZ, 85345


(602) 413-4231



Thursday - Saturday

10:00am - 6:00pm

Closed | Sunday - Wednesday



We want to always be respectful of our clients and we want our clients to be respectful of our time. In the event you have to cancel your appointment, it is the clients responsibility to notify AGoddess at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule your appointment. No call, no shows will require a $50 cancellation fee that must be paid before your next appointment can be scheduled. We are only accepting so many clients a day and when a client misses their appointment or continues to reschedule, we lose money and just like you, we have families to feed.

Please be mindful when scheduling your appointment. 


Please Note

  • Please understand that our space is intimate, anyone who is not having their hair serviced will be asked to wait outside of the salon.

  • Pet's are not allowed inside of the suite. If you have a service dog, please let us know in advance at the time of your booking so that we can accommodate you accordingly.

  • All first time clients are required to pay a $50 deposit to schedule your hair appointment. Your deposit will go towards your hair service. If you miss your appointment for any reason your deposit will go towards the cancellation fee. 



AGoddess Loves Abundant Living - Business and Life Coaching

My goal is to help you turn within and unleash the power of God in you so that you can lead a life that is satisfying to your soul. More than anything, I want you to leave a big imprint in this world because the world needs to hear your story through your voice.

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Ernest Daurham Jr.

Legacy Foundation

My dad, the founder and inventor of Leisure Curl. His Life and Legacy continues through his descendants.

Daurham Hair Products

We specialize in crafting products meticulously designed for hair growth enhancement, intensive repair of damaged hair, and targeted corrective treatments.

AGoddess Links

Follow AGoddess on all of her platforms and learn about her Ministry and the wonderful work she's doing in the community

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